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100% natural hand sanitizer with 80% alcohol


Amazingly uplifting natural scents

Hand sanitizers...

unlike anything you've tried before

Happy Hands

Our hand sanitizers moisturize your hands and leave no residue or stickiness – leaving them feeling like they’ve just been freshly washed.

Wholesome Ingredients

We use easy to pronounce, consciously sourced premium grade ingredients, making products we’re happy to give to our own loved ones.

Tantalizing Natural Scents 

Hand sanitizer doesn’t need to smell like a doctor’s office. With FreshFreeks, we will transport your senses to an island paradise.

Tropical Mist

A couple of sprays and you'll feel like you're on a tropical island with a muddled pineapple and coconut cocktail (or mocktail, natch!) - in your hand.

Just like a vacation in a bottle - but without the jet lag.

Tropical Mist
Cucumber Cool
Cucumber Cool

Refreshing, calming, cooling, and understated… this may be one of our favorite scents. It's balanced and uplifting all at the same time. The elegant smell of freshly cut cucumbers will elevate your mood, and our high grade ingredients will eliminate all the germs on your hands. 

Lemon Breeze

Zesty and fresh… What if we could transport you to the lemon groves of Sicily on a sunny day, where you would pick a lemon and smash it between your hands, filling your nostrils with the fresh citrusy smell, and sending all the germs into oblivion?

Lemon Breeze
Mint Madness
Mint Madness

Invigorating, refreshing, and zingy... stimulate and awaken your senses! You and your nose will feel alive and uplifted, whilst stopping germs in their tracks.

Clean, exhilarating and totally cool. (Just like you)

The freshfreeks story

Rachel and RamRam, the pair behind FreshFreeks, have vastly different backgrounds. Rachel comes from a family of naturopaths, and RamRam comes from a family of pharmacists. Nonetheless they were raised with the same ideas and principles when it came to products they use on their bodies – the more natural the product, the better for the body. With this in mind, they decided to make hand sanitizers that are fresh and pleasant to the senses, tough on germs, yet gentle and soothing to the body. Products they are happy to use in their own homes and feel proud to share with you.

What Makes Us Different?

Banishes 99.99% of germs

Our hand sanitizers come with 80% premium grade Ethanol. This percentage has been shown to deactivate Covid, germs, bacteria and other nasties - in 15 seconds (based on the articles published by Oxford University Press. You can find the full article in the links (1) section at the bottom of the website). Many other brands have a lower percentage.

No stickiness or residue 

Despite not providing any additional anti-septic qualities, many hand sanitizers are filled with carbomers (a synthetic polymer which gives hair gels their stickiness) to act as a gelling agent. Ours do not! All our ingredients are natural and pure. With FreshFreeks your hands will feel smooth and fresh, as though you’ve just washed them under the tap.

Great on the skin 

Not only did we make a hand sanitizer that is highly effective, we made it naturally moisturizing and soothing. We use a mix of premium grade organic Aloe Vera juice and Vegetable Glycerine for this purpose - Aloe Vera hydrates and soothes the skin, whilst the Vegetable Glycerine traps the moisture. What a great tag-team.

Natural mood lifters 

In these times, it is especially important to do something a little extra for our customers to uplift their mood. Essential oils have proven to be instant pick-me-ups. We use the highest grade of essential oils, not only for the amazing scents they impart, but also for their aroma-therapeutic qualities.

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Totally blown away. These are insanely good.


This is so smooth on hands and unlike others it doesn't feel sticky at all. Smells awesome!!


Buy this. Period. Best hand sanitizer ever. Launched at the perfect time for all of my excessive hand sanitizer needs, can’t leave home without it!!!!


I saw these at a couple of Gas Stations so I gave it a try. I use sanitizers a lot and these proved to be the best ones till date. Hands don't go dry and doesn't feel sticky at all.

- Jason T
Best sanitizer so far!

This is a 10/10 sanitizer. Love the smell, it’s small and compact. I have recommended it my colleagues, friends and family. Definitely a returning customer.

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